An Ideal Husband

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An Ideal Husband

Spring 1999


This movie is based on the play by Oscar Wilde. Sir Robert Chiltern (Jeremy Northam) is a politician and Cate plays his wife, Gertrude. An incriminating letter is in the possession of Mrs. Cheveley (Julianne Moore) who of course black mails Sir Robert to vote and argue for a canal's legislation. So here is one of the major dilemmas of the film - a noble man is blackmailed, does he stand up for his values and let the world know of his past imprudence, or does he do what Mrs. Cheveley wants, going against his morals?.

Side story involves Lord Goring (Rupert Evertett) a bachelor and comic relief. Lord Goring was once involved with Mrs. Cheveley. A Love triangle emerges between Lord Goring, Mrs. Cheveley, and Sir Robert's sister Mable (Minnie Driver).

Cate Content

On a scale of one to ten Cate Content here would be a four. But still, Cate, as always does a fantastic performance.

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