Talented Mr Ripley

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The Talented Mr. Ripley Quotes

MEREDITH What's your secret?
RIPLEY Excuse me?
MEREDITH No, it's just - you are American, aren't you? - no, I just, I have so much luggage, and you're so, uh, streamlined. It's humiliating. Ripley shrugs. Now they're opening a second case of the passenger ahead. Hard not to converse. I'm Meredith, by the way. Meredith Randall.
RIPLEY Dickie, Dickie Greenleaf. Hello.
MEREDITH Hello. They are passed through immigration, head down the long stairs towards the street. Meredith catches up with Ripley. You're not the Shipping Greenleaf's?
RIPLEY Trying not to be. Trying to jump ship.
MEREDITH So now, did they put your suitcase in the wrong pile? It's just - upstairs - weren't you under the R stand? I thought I saw you there.
RIPLEY My father wants me in New York. He builds boats. I'd rather sail them. I travel under my mother's name.
MEREDITH Which is?
RIPLEY Emily. Just kidding.
MEREDITH The funny thing is, I'm not Randall either. I'm Logue.
RIPLEY As in the...?
MEREDITH As in the Textile Logues. Trying to shrug off the dress. I travel under my mother's name, too.
RIPLEY Randall.
MEREDITH (offering her hand) So - partners in disguise. Bye.

MEREDITH Dickie! Oh my God! Ciao.
MEREDITH But you're going skiing with us Yankees, aren't you?
MEREDITH At Christmas. To Cortina with Freddie Miles and -
RIPLEY How did you know that?
MEREDITH Everybody knows Freddie Miles.
RIPLEY Is Freddie in Rome?
MEREDITH Now? I don't think so. But I've met him, of course, and we've chatted and I know about you and Marge and Mongi and what an unreliable rat you are. Freddie said you were a rat and I thought to myself now I know why he travels under R.
RIPLEY I've left Marge, Meredith. And Mongi. So the rat's here now, in Rome.
MEREDITH Sorry, I wouldn't have made a joke if -
RIPLEY Don't be sorry. I've never been happier. I feel like I've been handed a new life.

MEREDITH The truth is if you've had money your entire life, even if you despise it, which we do - agreed? - you're only truly comfortable around other people who have it and despise it.
RIPLEY I know.
MEREDITH I've never admitted that to anyone.

MEREDITH Show me the other one again. I like them both.
RIPLEY I'll take them both.
MEREDITH I know you're a jazz fiend but do you absolutely hate the Opera? I've been trying to give my tickets away, it's tomorrow, but if you were prepared to be dragged... She looks up to catch him bare-chested. She's intoxicated by him, the romance she feels to be in the air.
RIPLEY You could drag me.

RIPLEY Let's go.
MEREDITH I thought you were enjoying yourself?
RIPLEY Let's take a Carozza and look at the moon.
MEREDITH You're crazy! It's freezing out there.
RIPLEY C'mon, I need to talk to you. Just the two of us.
MEREDITH Okay then, you're crazy.

MEREDITH Don't worry. Really. Don't worry.
RIPLEY You're such a pal to understand. It's as if Marge is here now - I look at you and I see her face - and I can't, whatever I'm feeling towards you - I just can't...
MEREDITH No, I absolutely understand. Of course.
RIPLEY Otherwise you'd be fighting me off.
MEREDITH Beating you away.

MEREDITH Will you meet me tomorrow? Just to say goodbye in the daylight, properly? So it's not just this, it's too...you should always save pain for daylight...
RIPLEY Oh Meredith, I'm sorry. Of course I'll meet you. Let's have coffee in the morning at Dinelli's.
MEREDITH I don't - is that by the Spanish Steps?
RIPLEY Exactly. 10:30 - 10:15.

MEREDITH Peter? Hello, it's Meredith Logue.
PETER Of course it is, Meredith, hello, I'm sorry, half-asleep, how are you? This is Marge Sherwood. Meredith Logue.
MARGE Hello. Hearing Marge's name Meredith reacts, freezes.
PETER Join us, won't you? We're just waiting for a friend. Do you know, I wonder did we see you at the Opera last night?
MEREDITH I won't actually, although I think this might - are you waiting for Dickie?
PETER Well no, as it happens, although...
MARGE Dickie? Do you know Dickie?
MEREDITH You were at the Opera? Well, that explains - yes I was there. I was there with Dickie.
MARGE I told you! I knew it!
MEREDITH Marge, I don't know you, so I have no right, but Dickie loves you. He's - I think you'll find he's coming home to you.
MARGE How would you know that?
MEREDITH He told me everything. I was supposed to meet him fifteen minutes ago, so I...I'm going to go now, I think. Unless he meant us to meet - which would be a little cruel, wouldn't it?
PETER No, we're meeting another friend. Tom Ripley.
MARGE Do you know Tom?
MEREDITH Ripley? No. I heard about him, of course, but no, I didn't meet him. Not for me. No, grazie. I hope I didn't complicate matters, but nothing, nothing untoward happened, nothing to prevent you from welcoming him back, from marrying him...Goodbye. Goodbye Peter, please don't get up.

MEREDITH Dickie? Dickie? He turns. He's caught. Suddenly he's Dickie. Dickie, my God!
RIPLEY Hello Meredith.
MEREDITH I was looking at you, your clothes, I wouldn't have known you...
RIPLEY Well, you've spotted me and so you get the reward.
RIPLEY Just kidding. Are you alone?
MEREDITH Hardly. I couldn't be less alone.
RIPLEY Of course. Aunt Joan.
MEREDITH And co. A lot of co. Oh, God, I've thought about you so much.
RIPLEY I've thought about you.
MEREDITH When I thought about you I was mostly hating you. Where've you been hiding?
RIPLEY I haven't been hiding. I've been in Police custody. They've been trying to flush out Freddie's killer.
MEREDITH You're kidding.
RIPLEY They're letting me have this vacation. Which is why the get-up. Which is why you haven't heard from me.
MEREDITH You know, the whole world thinks you killed Freddie? It's terrible.
RIPLEY I know. Look, I can't talk now. Later. Later?
MEREDITH So - are you traveling under R?
RIPLEY You know what - I am.
MEREDITH Dickie, are you with Peter Smith- Kingsley? I bet you are. My aunt thought she saw him.
RIPLEY Peter Smith-Kingsley? I haven't seen him in months. No, I'm alone.