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Elizabeth Quotes

Robert: May I join you, my lady?
Eliz: If it please you, sir.

Robert: Remember who you are. Do not be afraid of them, my lady.

Eliz: I ask you, why we must tear ourselves apart for this small question of religion. Catholic, Protestant.
Some other guy: Small? You think this is small, though it killed your mother?
Eliz: We all believe in God, my lords.

Some other guy: Madam, you are cold.
Eliz: I do not need your pity.
Same some other guy: Take it then, for my sake.
Eliz: Thank you. I shall not forget this kindness.
Eliz: Tonight I think I die.

Eliz: I am your majesty's most humble servant.
Mary: Come here, closer so I might see your face. When I look at you I see nothing of the king only that whore, your mother, my father never did anything so well as to cut off her head.
Eliz: Your majesty forgets, he was also my father.

Eliz: Mary, if you sign that paper you will be murdering your own sister.
Mary: You will promise me something; When I am gone you will do everything in your power to uphold the Catholic faith. Do not take away from the people the consolations of the blessed Virgin, their holy mother.
Eliz: When I am Queen, I promise , to act, as my conscious dictates.
Mary: You do not fit to be queen at all

Wulls: Innocence is the most precious thing you possess. Lose that and yo lose your soul.

Robert: When you are Queen...
Eliz: I am not, I am not queen yet
Robert: You will be Elizabeth, Queen of England. A court to worship you. A country to obey you. Poems written celebrating your beauty. Music composed in your honor. And they will mean nothing to you. I will mean nothing to you.
Eliz: Ha, ha, ha. Oh, how cold you ever be nothing to me.
Robert: You know you are everything to me.
Robert: All that I am, it is you.

Another guy: The Queen is dead. Long live the Queen
People: Long live the Queen.
Eliz: This is the lords doing and it is marvelous in our eyes.

Eliz: I do not like wars. They have uncertain outcomes.

Eliz: How dare you come into my presence Why do you follow me here?
Walsingham: It is my business to protect your majesty, against all things.
Eliz: I do not need protection. I need to be left alone.
Wullsin: Majesty.
Eliz: They should never have been sent to Scotland. My father would never have made such a mistake. I have been proved unfit to rule. That is what you all think, is it not Walsingham? Why did they send such children? Why did they not send proper reinforcements?
Walsingham: Because the bishops would not let them. They spoke against it at the pulpits.
Eliz: Then they are speaking against their queen.
Walsingham: Madam, the Bishops are against you and have no fear of you. They do not expect you to survive.

Eliz: Where have you been? You were not at court.

Eliz: If their is no uniformity of religion, then there can be only be fragmentation, disputes, and quarrels. Surely my lord it is better to have a single church of England. A single Church of England. With a common prayer book and a common purpose. I ask you to pass this act of uniformity, not for myself, but for my people, who are my only care.
A bishop: Madam, by this act you force s to relinquish or allegiance with the holy father.
Eliz: How can I force you my grace: I am a woman. I have no desire to make windows into men's souls. I simply ask, can any man in truth serve two masters and be faithful to both? No, your grace it is common sense, which is a most English virtue.
Another bishop: Your majesty would improve all of these matters if you would agree to marry.

Eliz: Yes, but marry who, your grace? For some say France, and other's say Spain, and some cannot abide foreigners at all. So I am not sure how best to please you unless I marry one of each.
Yet another bishop: Now your majesty does make fun of the sanctity of marriage.
Eliz: I do not think you should lecture me on that, my lord, since you yourself are twice divorced and now on your third wife. Each of you must vote according to your conscious, but remember in your hands, in this moment, lies the happiness of my people and the peace of this realm. Let that be upon your conscious also.

Robert: My true love has my heart and I have hers. Marry me.
Eliz: On a night such as this, could any woman say no?
Robert: On a night such as this cold a queen say no?
Eliz: Does not a queen sit under the same stars as any other woman?

Duc: What, what? Do you see something strange?
Eliz: You are wearing a dress, your grace.
Duc: Yes, yes, I'm wearing a dress

Eliz: From this moment, I am going to follow my own opinion and se if I do any better.
Sir William: For give me madam, but you are only a woman.
Eliz: I may be a woman, Sir William, but if I chose I can have the heart of a man. I am my father's daughter. I am not afraid of anything.

Wals.: All Northock need do is sign this paper and treason will have been committed.
Eliz: Then let him sign it and let it all be done.

Eliz: You must not think we do not care for your children.

Robert: Your majesty.
Eliz: They are all gone to the tower, your friends. Tell me, how should I serve thee Robert?
Robert: My course is run.
Eliz: Just tell me why.
Robert: Why? Madam, is it not plain enough to you? It is no easy thing to be loved by the queen. It would cover up the soul of any man. For God's sake kill me.
Eliz: No, I think rather to let you live.
Wals.: Madam, that is not wise. Lord Robert has committed treason and needs to be made example of.
Eliz: I will make an example of him. He shall be kept alive to remind me of how close I came to danger.

Wals.: All men need something greater than themselves to look up to. They must be able to touch the divine here on earth.
Eliz: She had such power over men's hearts. They died for her.
Wals.: They have found nothing to replace her.

Eliz: Cat, I have become a virgin.

Eliz: Observe, Lord Berly, I am married to England."