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The Life Aquatic
Jane Winslett-Richardson: I need a baby for this father.
Steve Zissou: I think I know what you mean.
Steve Zissou: Where'd you come from? You look pregnant.
Jane Winslett-Richardson: I am pregnant. I'm not even going to ask what you men are doing in your matching pajamas.

Jane Winslett-Richardson: You're too old for me, Steve.
Steve Zissou: Yeah, well, you're pregnant.

Jane Winslett-Richardson: [fearing the Jaguar Shark might attack them in their sub] Do you think we're safe inside here?
Steve Zissou: Probably not.

Jane Winslett-Richardson: In twelve years, the baby will be eleven and a half.
Steve Zissou: [pause] That was my favorite age.

Steve Zissou: [pulling a gun on Jane Winslett-Richardson] Does this look real?

Jane Winslett-Richardson: What are you doing in my effing room?
Steve Zissou: Why don't you just cuss?
Jane Winslett-Richardson: Because I'm trying to break the habit before I have my fucking baby!