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Quotes About Cate
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Quotes About Cate
"She was also quietly perceptive, with a great sense of humor." --Ralph Fiennes (fellow actor)
"Cate's a killer. And I mean that in the best way. She's very grounded, savvy, and worked out, with a clear sense of her own ability and worth. As an actress she's like a jeweler and a gem; she takes herself out of the black velvet setting and holds different facets of her talent up to the light; she only shows you parts, but you realize how many carats that diamond has." --Mike Newell (Pushing Tin director)
"The word I like to use with Cate is facility. She has enormous technical recourses, but she also has that unique ultra bit that puts her on another plane; she allows to be tantalized and tormented by the inner life of a character. She's also very brave. And she's a pretty good clown." --Geoffrey Rush (fellow actor)
"The perfect combination of intellect and instinct, but at the end of the day, she'll let instinct override." --Christopher Eccleston (fellow actor)
"She has got what all great actors have, that sense of absolute intent where a performance is an actor will as much as talent and imagination. [But] she sees different by virtue of her emotional fearlessness, a wildness of spirit. It's an intensity that embraces much more than a surface beauty." --Jonathan Kent (Plenty director)
"Once [Cate] was cast, I think a lot of other actors and actresses felt that it was something that they wanted to be involved in. It was really just about the love of the script and, I think, working with Cate." Sam Raimi (The Gift Directorial)."