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The Missing
Kayitah: [speaking Chiricahua] Forget the hides. Give us your horses and your guns and we'll call it even.
Samuel: They want our horses and guns.
Maggie: I am not giving over my horses!
[to Kayitah]
Maggie: You understand? You'll have to kill me first!
[turns to Samuel]
Maggie: You tell em... You, you tell em what I said.
Samuel: [speaking Chiricahua] Now look. You pissed her off.

Samuel: You take this money for your children.
Maggie: No, you take it for your funeral.

Maggie: You know that Indian name of yours? Wha, what's that, what's that mean?
Samuel: Very hard to translate that.
Maggie: Try it.
Samuel: It means "shit for luck."