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PETAL: Do you hate this shit, or what?
PETAL: What do you think? You want to marry me, don't you?
PETAL: Buy me a drink somewhere, it's seven-thirty. I think I'm going to fuck you by ten. What do you think of that?

PETAL: Hey. How do you make an Alabama Slammer?
QUOYLE: Uh. Where are y...
PETAL: Alabama. Hence, the question.
QUOYLE: Come home. I'll make you one.
PETAL: That's a swell idea. Now go look on top of the fridge, where I keep the Mr. Boston. I'll wait.
QUOYLE: You okay? Except for being thirsty?
PETAL: I'm busy, I'll see y...
QUOYLE (reads) Ounce Southern Comfort, ounce Sloe
Gin. Ounce Triple Sec. Three ounces
PETAL: Got it